Our Team

BethMaster Stylist, Colour and Blonding Expert, and Owner

Hi! I’m Beth, My passion is working with my clients to create unique looks that they feel great in. From blunt bobs, beautiful blended balayage, icy bright blondes to long rainbow locks with undercuts, I’ve colored and cut it all. With my 15+ years of experience I can give you the hair of your dreams. Book an appointment to finally get the hair you have always wanted.

EmilyMaster Stylist

My name is Emily! I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC and began my hair career in 2016. My personal style revolves around individuality and creativity. I’ve currently found my niche in lived-in, low maintenance colours and cuts. With the education I’ve received throughout my years I strive to make my clients feel authentic to themselves. I want all to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin! I love to branch out of the normal and find a creative way to express myself through hair.

CorinaSenior Stylist

Hi I’m Corina! From a young age my grandfather always inspired me to become a hairstylist. I have been a stylist for 15+ years and I couldn’t imagine doing anything els. I love what I do. My passion lies in color, cutting and blinding techniques. When I’m not at the salon I can be found in my garden with my plants or taking in the sun down in Mexico.

TarynJunior Stylist

Hello hello! I’m Taryn Anderson (she/her) and I’m a trans woman stylist who has been doing hair for about four years. My focus has been on cuts during this time but I’m thrilled to be diving deeper into colour! I gravitate towards femme styles and punky looks but no matter what, I want everyone to feel more themselves then before they sat down in my chair. I’m also a stand-up comedian (follow @laughingattaryn) so your appointment is sure to be as full of laughs as it is care and detail.

JosieJunior Stylist

Hi, I’m Josie! I was born in Kelowna and moved to Alberta at a young age with my mom and brother. Just as many stylists these days, I started out by running a “salon” for my Barbie’s in my childhood bedroom. I always knew I wanted to have a creative career, where I was never afraid to be myself, and always supported by my peers to do so. I’m very passionate about self expression and creativity, and it’s definitely inspired my love for all things hair!